6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. It goes by many names: Rib-grass, Buckhorn Plantain, English Plantain, Lanceleaf Indianwheat………….. But the botanical name is Plantago lanceolata. And no, I didn’t know all those names on my own! I’ve never known many names for plants. But a friend told me about a wonderful app which I downloaded. It’s called Picture This, and it only rarely can’t identify a plant. 🙂 It has the added benefit of making me seem much more knowledgeable than I really am. 😯

      1. I used to know a lot of the common English names and scientific names when I was captioning photos for editors but I seem to have forgotten a lot of the plant names. What’s equally annoying is that I remember a lot of the bird species only to find that scientists have reclassified and renamed a lot of them.

      2. Oh yeah….. the feeling of what???? I swear that isn’t the name – oh wait, you guys changed it???? It was hard enough to learn it in the first place. Or even worse, not realizing that the name has changed because you can’t remember the original one. 😬 I never did know a lot of the species and flower names to begin with, so I am relying heavily on looking them up.

  1. Ah yes, I think that name was mentioned. In this case the various names went on and on and on. Interesting that the names for this plant seem to be regional.

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