So Beautiful

Image: Hannah Keene 2019

I found this beautiful greyhound waiting for his master (mistress?) outside our Whole Foods a few days ago. I approached him slowly with the back of my hand out to let him sniff (or not). He was very friendly, so I stayed and pet him for awhile. Every time I pulled my hand back, he leaned into me and wanted more attention, so I obliged. He was an absolute love. I stayed for quite awhile, hoping his human would finish shopping so that I could talk to her (him?). Seeing the grey on the dog’s muzzle, I judged him to be older, which means he was probably adopted as a retired racer. Greyhounds are a very sweet and calm breed, unless, of course, they see something to chase – squirrel, cat, rodent – anything that is running away from them. But they are excellent pets because of their sweet disposition. And they are also very good as certified therapy dogs used to visit patients in hospital. Just be prepared to put in the miles walking them each day. I waited quite awhile because I wanted to find out if, indeed, his human had recused him after he had been retired from racing, and how long she had had him. Finally, however, I had to do my own shopping, and he was gone by the time I was ready to walk home. Admittedly, I’m a dog girl, but I don’t love all breeds equally. Greyhounds, however, definitely make my top 10 list. And do you notice how much their lithe body resembles a female deer?

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