This Was The Craziest Bouquet

I needed to get up close to see if these flowers were real.  They are going every which-way and looked like they had gone absolutely haywire.

Image: Zebras Child 2019

Once I was only two feet away from them, I realized that everything in the arrangement was 100% natural, which surprised me.

Image: Zebras child 2019

Which come to think of it, is what it is like living with a Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) and fibromyalgia. It often feels like your entire body’s systems have gone haywire.

Posted to Weekly Prompts: Haywire


3 thoughts on “This Was The Craziest Bouquet”

      1. Tomorrow, 22nd June to be published at 07:00 AM (UK) a flexible photo challenge. Thank you Hannah 🙂

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