Peaches and Cream Anyone?

With a little square of chocolate.

A Farm Raised Peach                                      Zebras Child 2019
Cream from a local, family run dairy farm            Image: Zebras Child 2019

Posted to the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Farm

3 thoughts on “Peaches and Cream Anyone?”

    1. Indeed. When our girls were growing up, money was extremely tight. My husband absolutely LOVED peaches, or any stone fruit for that matter. A real treat for special occasions, or when we could afford cream, would be peaches and cream for dessert.

      1. How lovely. I really do think that abundance (of money, food, etc) makes people so unappreciative. Because I try to eat seasonal, locally grown food, peaches are a huge treat for me too. I buy them from the same grower every year, and savor each one.

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