Low Tide 1

A few weeks ago I was walking the dogs part way around Lake Merritt at low tide. I’m always excited when that happens in good weather because I can get some really beautiful photographs.

Reflections at Low Tide         Image: Zebras Child 2019
Colors at Low Tide         Image: Zebras Child 2019

And some humorous ones.

SG #1  “Ah, FINALLY a sunny day at low tide.”

SG #2  “Yeah, did you hear The Gull on the weather report? He said there would be sunshine all day!”

SG #3  “Eh, that guy is such a bird brain! You can’t trust anything he says.”

SG #1  “Quick, everyone keep an eye on the sky. Let out a cry when you see the first rain cloud.”

Three Seagulls On a Fountain        Image: Zebras Child 2019

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