Transplanting Hope      ©Zebra's Child
                      Transplanting Hope                ©Zebra’s Child

Sometimes we have to transplant hope. To physically move it into the dark corners of our lives when we cannot see anything but destruction. Sometimes the destruction is within us: our medical disease, our prejudices, our failure to act to right a wrong. Sometimes it is out there in the world: discrimination, hatred, violence. But as human beings, we need to hope. If we don’t hope, we are immobilized by exhaustion and fear, and our necessary vision and creativity desert us. That’s when we need to remember that sometimes it takes effort to summon hope. It takes some digging, some watering, and then some care and attention in order to see it thrive. It’s easier when hope simply springs up unbidden and is there when you need it. But other times we have to go searching for it and then physically transplant it. It may at first look out of place amidst the destruction. But that is where it is most desperately needed.

5 thoughts on “Transplanting”

  1. Thank you, I believe I needed to see this today. To dig a bit to find hope and understand why others in some situations have hope when it really does look hopeless (someone close to me). I hope you are well today, Hannah!

    1. You are most welcome, Barbara! This is one of the primary reasons I write this blog: to try and convey hope in dark times. The dark times can be in our world, such as the mass shooting in Charleston. (I still have more posts to write on that, but they’re painful to write, so it’s taking me more time than I thought it would.) Or they can be within us. I am not immune those, and they are usually the most difficult to deal with. Having a support system, no matter the reason for loss of hope, is crucial. I’m working to create a virtual community support system, so we can draw on each other’s strengths when times are hard.

      1. God Bless you, dear Hannah! This is a tremendous support system you are getting into place. So many painful things to write about, I know, but take your time and your writings will shine and touch so many more. Thank you!

      2. Thank you!!! Please spread the word to anyone you know who might find Zebra’s Child interesting. Rising stats are always encouraging of course, but what I’m really working toward is building a big enough community that readers can support one another by their comments and we can get conversations going, in addition to just my input.

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