Nous Sommes Arrives en France!

My husband and I arrived in France last Friday. This is a trip that we never thought we would be able to do. We had dreamed of it whilst raising the kids, and helping them get through college, but then we both got ill, in different ways, and, well, we never thought we would be well enough to travel this far. We tried to take a trip to England last summer to see family, but last minute illnesses prevented that, so we didn’t dare count on this trip too much. But once we were in the air, and feeling well, we thought, “Oh my goodness, maybe this is really happening!

So here we are in glorious Paris, thrilled, and so happy to be here that everything seems truly amazing. My husband fell in love with France, and Paris especially, when he was a boy of 8 and 9 years old living here, and has wanted to come back ever since. And we are actually here, drinking it in, walking, doing a little each day (some days very little), and eating and sleeping. Especially eating and sleeping.

I have some photos, but I haven’t finished deleting the not-very-good-ones, and since I have been lazy about deleting photos in general, I’m running out of room on my iCloud storage. Thus getting pictures from my camera onto my computer without buying more storage (which I’m trying to avoid doing) is a little tricky, and so far I have been so tired that I don’t trust my judgement on which photos to delete.

I tried to upload photo from my phone for you guys, since that is synced, but the free wifi is so slow that it hadn’t loaded after 10 minutes. But here is a simple post to let you all know that I am here, and that I hope I will be able to post some photos before I get back to the States. Right now, however, I need more sleep. So I’m heading to bed.

Bon Nûit!

2 thoughts on “Nous Sommes Arrives en France!”

    1. We did! Now I’m trying to figure out how we can afford to go back as soon as possible. Which, unfortunately, won’t be for awhile. And stay longer than 2 weeks if we can.

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