Ups and Downs

Hi Guys. I’ve really missed talking to you. In general, I’m doing better than I was for those two weeks after Easter. It seems that I’ve got my medication sorted out, which is helping tremendously, and in general, my sleep has improved. Today I’m really tired because I had several days in a row that were filled with lots of chores and errands. But the reason I was able to get those chores and errands done was that I had several good days this last week, and that was wonderful! Most notable for me was that I was able to get my study tidied up. The clutter had built up and it was to the point that it depressed me to sit down at my desk. Now the small room feels spacious again, and orderly, and is once again a room I love spending time in.

The ups and downs of exhaustion are part and parcel of CVID, but I hope that if I rest today and tomorrow, I’ll have more energy again in a few days. Thanks for understanding.


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