Happy Easter!

I wanted to share with you some of the music we will be singing today. It is Louis Vierne’s Solemn Mass. It is new for most of us, as the last time our choir performed it was 20 years ago, and most of us haven’t been in the choir that long. It is a departure from the masses we normally sing on Christmas and Easter, which are usually by classical composers such as Mozart and Shubert. But Vierne is modern, 1870 – 1937, and his music, while lush, also has a shimmering quality to it at times. Singing it brings forth a mystical illusiveness for me. I hope the music touches something deep within you and gives you strength.

PS – This is the best recording that I have found, but it is only the first 2 movements. You can find the last 3 movements by following the links within Youtube. Enjoy!

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