Can’t Talk

I was out yesterday for 5 hours with a doctor’s appointment and then some errands, and…… well, the froggy voice that started the day before turned into full-fledged laryngitis, and I can’t talk. And I feel like…… well, like anyone feels when they have a cold. Which I supposed I should be thankful for. I feel just like anyone else feels when they have a cold. That is, so far no infection. 🙂 I was feeling extra exhausted all this week, and I was puzzled because although I had had my infusions last Thursday and Friday, I certainly should have felt better by Tuesday, for heaven’s sakes! Now I know my body was trying to fight off this cold, which it did successfully for several days. But now I definitely feel crappy. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long: I have an 8:00 AM performance call on Sunday morning. 😦

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