All Kinds of Music

Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that I talk about music a lot because it is such an important part of my life. But here is today’s experience.

I was listening to the Metropolitan Opera’s saturday broadcast (yes, I’m one of those people) and during the intermission they were interviewing some of the musicians. I was most especially struck by the interview with  soprano Preity Yende, a rising star from South Africa. She said that the beautiful thing about opera was that it totally immersed you in the music. You could arrive at the opera house feeling happy, sad, ill, anything at all, and after the opera was over, no matter what, you would feel better. And that’s the way I feel about singing.

Whether you are an opera fan or not, please listen to this gorgeous voice. And enjoy!

But you also know that I love a 500 year span of music. So, least you think that I am a total music snob, let me share a link to a John Legend song that I like for a double reason. I mean, beyond the fact that he has a gorgeous voice. One: it is a call to action for each of us. Something I have been behind since I could think. Two: it is a sort of love song to NYC. Now how can you beat that? So here you are: The Roots – Wake Up Everybody, featuring Melanie Fiona and Common.

And to my US readers, you all caught the Oscar Awards performance of John Legend’s and Common’s Glory from the picture Selma, right? Right??? If you didn’t, head over here and take a listen!

2 thoughts on “All Kinds of Music”

  1. Great selections with amazing voices! I missed the Oscars so thank you for sharing the “Glory” piece. Very powerful! The tears and emotion on the faces in the crowds.

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