A Long Year

Hello Everyone. It’s been a long year. Which is to say a difficult year. I’ve had ups and downs with my health; something all of you have had more experience with than I’m sure you’ve ever wanted to. But perhaps more significantly, my husband, who has unwillingly gathered significant medical disabilities over the years, has had repeated injuries over these last twelve months. Which means I became the caretaker for both of us. (More about that later.)

But we are both better now, and I find that I am grateful for many things. One of them is the presence of all of  you. In logging onto the site, I find that not only have many of you continued to check in over the past year, but I have gained significant readership as well. (Welcome all of you in Central and South America especially!) That is, to me, literally overwhelming.

So thank you one and all. I will continue to post occasionally, as my energies allow. And any comments, requests or musings from you all would be most welcome.


2 thoughts on “A Long Year”

    1. Yes, it is difficult. Sometimes very, very difficult. But there are times my husband needs to take care of me. I’m glad we have each other. Thank you for the blessings. They are often needed and always very much appreciated!

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