In trying to write a post five times a week, I have discovered three things (well, at least three):

  1. I don’t have the energy to both write each day and tidy up the house.
  2. I will choose writing over tidying every time.
  3. The house has now gotten so untidy that it is starting to depress me.

Since I am a person who has struggled with depression for years (and yes, I take medication for it), I have decided that today, with whatever amount of energy I have, I will tidy up as much as I can. I know from experience that a tidy house will make me feel cheerier. It gives me at least one aspect of my life over which I have some control. The problem is that I hate spending my limited energy actually doing the tidying. So I put it off. But getting it done is actually a way of taking care of myself, as long as I don’t over do it.

So today I will not let myself write until I have gotten at least two areas clean, clear, and peaceful. The oxymoron embedded in that sentence can be explained by telling you that I actually wrote this post last night.  😉

Now do something for yourself today that makes you feel better. Even if that something is taking a nap.

See you tomorrow. xo

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