Better Nutrition

by Hannah the Zebra

I hope all of you had a great weekend, especially you readers in the US who had an extra long one for President’s Day. We had a wonderful time with our kids and grandson. It’s so delightful to have a grandchild, let me just say!

Over the weekend, I asked our two daughters about diet. As in what is a healthy diet, not as in a diet to lose weight, although hopefully I will shed a few pounds as well. But I have been feeling particularly crappy of late, and have known that my diet isn’t very healthy.

First, some background: I have always been hypoglycemic, which means blood sugar levels that are too low. It is the opposite of diabetes, in which blood sugar is too high. It is, however, all on the same spectrum: our bodies can’t regulate our insulin (and thus blood sugar levels) properly. They are both complicated conditions, but basically diabetics don’t produce enough insulin, and my insulin production doesn’t know when to shut off.

My diet, for the last 40 years has been to eat very little sugar, and high levels of protein. Also small, frequent meals. Over the last year, I’ve tried to compensate for feeling unwell by eating more protein. Not feeling better yet? More protein. And since my stomach has only so much room, as I’ve been adding protein, I’ve been cutting out a lot of even the small amount of grains and vegetables that I normally consume. Result: what any doctor would tell me is an unhealthy balance between the various food groups.

So in a blaze of resolve, I went to the market today and loaded my cart with vegetables and fruits. Stocking up on various grains will be another day. As one daughter told me, eating a healthy diet won’t make me a completely healthy person, but it’s bound to make me feel better.

And I had minestrone soup for lunch rather than processed deli meat, and later drank a green smoothie. It’s a start.

Have any of you found a balanced diet that works well for you? Please, please share.