Thank God for Humor

As many of you know, I am a singer and perform with a choir in the Greater Los Angeles  Area. We sing everything: 500 year old chants, classical, jazz, spirituals, modern…… you name it. Here is what happened yesterday:

Me (to my husband, Fred): I don’t know why, but I’m really tired today.

F: Well, I’m not surprised. You gave me a concert in the middle of the night.

Me: What?

F: In the middle of the night you just started singing in your sleep.

Me: What?????? (To the best of my  knowledge, I have never sung in my sleep. On the other hand, if my husband hadn’t just been telling me about it, I still wouldn’t know.)

F: You were singing in your sleep. In the middle of the night. You woke me up.

Me: Well, what was I singing? (Hoping it might be something really spectacular, like Bach’s Magnificat that we performed in December.)

F: I couldn’t tell. Your intervals between notes weren’t so great.

Me: A disappointed “Oh.”

F: But you had your tone placed correctly (he said helpfully). And you were singing out of your low register, so you were really sonorous. It was kind of echoing around the room.

Me: And you couldn’t tell at all what I was singing?

F: No. But you seemed to sing two different pieces. First you worked on one, and then you moved on to the other.

Me: Was I singing words at least?

F: Well, it was clear you were singing words in your dream, but I certainly couldn’t tell what they were. Or in what language.

Me: Oh.

F: And you were really LOUD. You kept me awake for an hour!

Me: Can I at least count it as practice time?

F: Uuummmmm…….. no, somehow I don’t think so.

I told all of this to the choir last night at rehearsal and had them in stitches. Our director jokingly suggested that my husband keep a roll of duct tape next to the bed so that if it happened again, he could get some sleep. I hope you all sleep well tonight. And if you dream, dream of music.  💤

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