A New Feel To The Site

If some of you are feeling a little disoriented on the new site, I can tell you that I did too, at first. At the beginning of the process, it just didn’t feel like my site. I would look at previously published posts and almost feel as if someone else had written them. The words were the same, but the font was different, and that was enough in and of itself to make the site feel a little alien. But what drove me to keep on going with the redesign was that I felt strongly that the old formatting of the site just didn’t fit anymore. I no longer liked the way it looked: I wanted something cleaner, more streamlined. And I wanted more information on the side bar. Overall, it didn’t have the presentation that I now wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great site for a long time. And I’ll be eternally grateful that my older daughter set the site up for me so that I could start blogging, at a time when I was waaaayyy to sick to even think about doing it for myself.

But I now wanted a completely different look. So I set to work last Thursday poking around on the WordPress site figuring out how I could reformat my blog. By Saturday I had a pretty clear idea of the look I wanted, and went about changing everything. I’ve got to say, WordPress does a really good job of writing tutorials about how to do such things. And anything you can’t find in the tutorials, you usually can find in the forums.

Over the course of the weekend, as I experimented with a host of different things, I became more and more comfortable looking at my previously written posts. And by Sunday night, it felt as if they had new home; less crowded and more comfortable than the last. I hope as the days go by, you begin to feel that way too.

And PS: I really like the new picture of the zebra that I found. 🙂



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