Moderating Energy

It’s hard to try and lead some semblance of a normal life with the limited amount of energy we CVIDers have. It’s hard, when I’m out doing errands to resist the temptation to just get all the errands done, all in one day, so that I don’t have to go out again for the next couple of days in order to get the necessary things accomplished. I will be in the middle of errands, and feel my energy fading, and think, “Just 2 more stops. 2 more. 2! Can I please just get them done, and then I will have no imperatives forcing me out of the house when I don’t feel well for a few days.” Sometimes I’m so frustrated that I do just press on. But then, those two or three days that I had hoped to just stay in and get some things done around the house turn into days that I can get nothing at all done, because I simply have no energy left. So I haven’t gained anything at all.

The last two days, however, I actually succeeded in staying tuned in to my body. On Monday, my husband and I went to look at some art prints. We got tired and hungry, and then went in search of some lunch. (Itself an event, since we don’t often splurge on lunch out.) We had a very enjoyable lunch, went back to look again at the two prints we really liked, and then went home. I really wanted to work on the curtains (which I still haven’t done), but realized that there was no way that I had the energy. So I sort of collapsed. Then Tuesday, I went with one of my closest friends to see the condo she will be moving into, we looked at some more curtains (I don’t always trust my eye when looking at color, so i wanted a second opinion), then went to lunch. When I got home, I went to bed and slept solidly for two hours! Couldn’t do much else the rest of the day.

But the pay off on both of these days was that I was able to get up each of the next mornings, and actually be able to do some things. I’ve had CVID for 9 years. Sometimes I’m a very slow learner!

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