These Pictures Make Me Happy!

IMG_0200IMG_0201These are pictures of my rehearsal folder. STUFFED. With. Music. Right before our Spring Concert.  Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter are the two other times in our performance year when the amount of music in our folders comes even close to this. Those times are fantastic in their own ways. But Spring Concert? That’s when our music is not embedded within a service. Instead we have a solid hour of singing. Nothing else. We just get to perform for an entire, wondrous, hour in which we transform musical notes on paper into glorious music that both moves through us and beyond us, and creates something new, immediate, and sacred. It suspends time, and you exist only in that moment of creating something miraculous.

Make no mistake, it doesn’t start out that way. Like anything we learn to do, it starts with bumps and bruises, lots of mistakes, and sometimes the thought that it’s never going to come together. But we work. And work. And then work some more. And somehow our choir director makes that fun, and creates a community in which it’s safe to take risks, to set about learning seemingly impossibly difficult music, and to care for each other.

And I’ve decided to try to pass on some of that experience on to you. Over several days, I’m going to give you links to other choirs singing the music that we preformed  this past Sunday. Our music always spans centuries and genres. The oldest piece in our concert was written by Giovanni Gabrieli, a composer who lived from 1557-1612. Our newest piece was written by Michal Conner in 2009.

So here is a tour through our Spring Concert in 2013. I hope you enjoy it!



Hint: Scroll down the linked page, and you will be able to listen without downloading the file.

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