Minor Car Accident

by Hannah the Zebra

Hi Guys,

I was in a minor car accident on April 20th. For a few days I felt fine. I kept telling everyone, “I’m fine. Really. Thanks, but fine.” Well that was true for a little less than  week, and then everything started to hurt. The mild bouncing around caused my fibromyalgia to flare up, and re-triggered my intractable migraines. I was doing so well. And I had gotten my once-every-three-months lydocaine shots in my head literally 24 hours before the accident. My head had been blessedly numb.

But a week after the accident, when the re-triggered migraine was not responding to the prescribed  combination of migraine meds and pain killers, I went to the ER.  Many hours later, after a cocktail  of IV meds which did little, I was given 1mg of a very potent narcotic in my IV line. That helped a lot. And broke the cycle of the intense pain. At least the pain that returned several hours later was 2  points lower on the 10 point pain scale that it had been when I went in.

So. I’m still not back to normal and I have infusions for the next day and a half. (Counting from Wednesday night.) This is the best that I have for now. I’ll post more when I can.

Take care.