Little Bits of Pampering

Pampering is good for us. But limited finances and energy make it difficult. Regular massages? My money is going toward acupuncture, which is, for me at least, the more effective of the two. Spa day? I’d feel guilty spending that much money for something that only lasted 4 or 5 hours, and I don’t usually have that much energy anyway. But I can:

  • Get a pedicure (actually necessary, or my ingrown toenails get infected)!
  • Get a manicure sometimes.
  • Wear nice clothes around the house (as I mentioned in the previous post).
  • Wear a copper curlycue head bang thingy that has some rhinestones in it and feels a little bit like a tiara.
  • Pamper my skin a little. I recently ran out of my Target skin care products and decided to sign up for a department store brand face care and make over. I had decided to splurge some and ended up coming home with some of the face care items. OMG, let me just tell you that there is a difference from the moment you put on the face serum and moisturizer. I woke up the next morning and absentmindedly touched my face. It literally felt like someone else’s face. After just one application! I hadn’t realized just how dry my skin had become, even though I had been using face care products. And, how shall I put this….. I’ve reached an age where I would like to pamper my face. Expensive? Yes. But the products will last me 4-6 months at least. And when I use them, they feel soooooo luxurious. I put a bunch of money into it, but I feel pampered every morning and every night. At least when I have the energy to use them!

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