I Can’t Get Anything Done!

How many of us have that feeling almost every single day? We can’t seem to forget or let go of “Before.” That time in our lives, however recent or long ago, when we were, as the world sees us, Productive Members of Society.  We had jobs, we may or may not have raised children, we could go grocery shopping or get the car in for repair without that being the one thing we could manage all week. Or maybe even not.

The first thing, I think, is to take the capitals out of it.  Change it to “productive members of society.”  There, doesn’t that look better?  At least a little?  It’s hard to redefine our parameters. Very, very, hard. And in my experience, it takes quite a while, and a lot of work. But the key is to do just that. What can I realistically do in a day? Now given that, how would I like to expand that? Just a little.

My bathroom counter is a mess.  Really. I haven’t put everything away in probably 6 months.  But mess bothers me. It makes me depressed. What would I like to do today? Clear the whole darn thing off.   Put things away. Throw lots of things away.  Because seriously, it’s such a mess that I can’t find much, which means I haven’t used much of what’s on there. But if I haven’t used it in 6 months, do I really need it? Probably not.

But that goal is not going to happen. So how about I put/throw away 5 things on my counter today? I can do that. If nothing else, if I throw/put away one thing every time I go to the bathroom, 5 items should be a piece of cake, right?

I’ll get back to you on that.

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