Really Struggling

Don’t know what to tell you guys.  I’m really struggling.  The second antibiotic didn’t work either, and by then, while the sinus infection was somewhat controlled, the bronchitis had turned serious.  I showed up this past Monday at the hospital to get my half day magnesium sulfate infusion, and my nurse said it wasn’t safe to start the treatment until my breathing was stabilized. So they transported me down to ER where I was admitted for 4 hours while they gave me IV steroids and and additional breathing treatment.  Oh, and changed the antibiotic.  Which is working, thank god.  I have no particularly uplifting words today, I’m afraid.  This has been the most frightening infection I have had since I was diagnosed, and I’m still struggling to get some energy back. Man, those IV steroids are hard on your system. At least they only needed one dose, instead of 3 days of doses like last time.  I’ll post when I can.  Please send good thoughts and prayers.


2 thoughts on “Really Struggling”

  1. Oh, Hannah, I knew something was up. Just so unlike you not to post, either favorable or unfavorable, observations of everyday life from your perspective.
    I think of you often and wonder what you are doing/ not doing. Your previous posts of teaching were charming and uplifting and inspirational.
    All of our stress classmates have ceased to write; I think you and Bob were largely holding it all together. It’s time for me to send out a group email to them all. Perhaps all are having some sort of issues related to stress.
    Certainly it must be a challenge for YOU to keep unstressed, given the circumstances. Even when you’re feeling crappy, do you stop to breath? Can you focus to meditate?
    When I paint, I think it’s kind of a therapy for me. On Saturdays now I volunteer at Kaiser, doing art therapy with patients in the hospital. I think it does ME as much good as them. Maybe I should come do a session with you. 😉

    Best hopes and wishes for your strength,
    Jean Gillmore

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