Wish Me Luck!

by Hannah the Zebra

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 19, I go back to teaching two days a week. I won’t be teaching in “my” classroom, since it’s not really mine.  I’ve been fortunate to have had a marvelous sub who has done wonderful things with the kids all year.  I will teach a total of eight days during the balance of the academic year.  Tomorrow will be at the high school, and the rest of the days will be in different classrooms on my own campus.

I’m nervous.  I’ve developed some fever blisters. (Ok, I’m prone to them anyway.  But still, they’re annoying.)  I haven’t been in a classroom in eleven months.  As a veteran teacher of over 20 years, I know that once I step onto the campus, I’ll be fine.  But I fret: Will I get enough sleep?  Will my energy last an entire teaching day?  I’ll be with kids I don’t know.  Sigh.  There’s my anxiety disorder magnifying the problem again.

So.  Would everyone please send lots of good thoughts and encouragement my way tomorrow?  Knowing I have good thoughts coming my way will help a lot!

Thank you Zebra Club!