Pumps and 2x4s

As we get older one of the things that is not as sharp as it once was is our hearing.

Me:  I found the Ann Taylor black pumps Lisa was talking about.

Lisa is a friend and fellow blogger over at Privilege who was also at our older daughter’s 30th birthday party.

My husband didn’t hear the “Ann Taylor” part.

Him:  You found black pumps?

Me:  Uh, huh.  You know, the kind Lisa was talking about.

Him:  Lisa was talking about pumps?

Me:  Yeah, remember, on her blog?

Him:  What??

Me:  She even had a link to a picture.  She said these were good replacements for the designer ones she was taking  to NYC to wear out.

Him:  There are designer pumps?  And she’s going to wear them out?  Why would she want to do that?

Me: Yes.  She was going to use them with a little black dress.

Him:  Dead silence.  Then:  You and Lisa had a conversation about her taking pumps to NYC?  I don’t remember this conversation at the party.

Me, suddenly realizing:  No. Heels.  3 1/2″ black high heel pumps.  To wear with her little black dress.  You saw the picture of them on her web site.

Him:  Oh!!!!  High heels?  I couldn’t figure out why you and Lisa would have a conversation about pumps, let alone why she would take some to New York.

Just goes to show the difference between a male-female perspective I guess.  On the other hand, last spring when I was buying my pre-owned Acura, this is the conversation I had with the sales man.

Me, disappointed:  Oh.  The back seat doesn’t fold down.  I’m used to being able to haul stuff. (I have always done the repairs around the house.)

Sales Man: But look.  There’s this! And he opened and folded down a little door that provided access to the back seat.

Me: Oh good!!  I can still fit a couple of 2x4s in there.

Sales Man: Ummm……. No.  Actually, it’s for skis.

So you never know…….

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