You’ve Just Brought Heaven Home

“I’ve got something to show you that you’ll be interested in,” was the first thing my husband said when he got home last night. I waited patiently (well, maybe not so patiently) while he put down his stuff and got some things organized. Then he pulled out a 5×7 card from his brief case.

Him:  I heard someone talking about a composer in the staff room and I stopped to listen. My husband is a mathematician, but loves music as much as I do.

Me:  Silence

Him:  I heard a colleague mention that there were going to be some Morten Lauridsen concerts locally and I just stopped dead.

Me:  More silence.

Him:  I said, “Morten Lauridsen??  My wife thinks he is one of two of the greatest living choral composers!” His colleague absolutely agreed.

Me:  Morten Lauridsen concerts?  Here, in easy driving distance???

He handed me the announcement card and we just both stood there staring at it for while.  Morten Lauridsen’s music is often quite difficult.  But once you have mastered it you know it has been worth every second of work.

In the midst of singing it I often think that I am the most fortunate person alive.

Me again:  You’ve just brought heaven home!

Lauridsen, M.: Choral Works (Elora Festival Singers, N. Edison)

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