Two Humorous Anecdotes

A close friend of mine sometimes reads over my posts before I enter them on the site.  She also is a teacher, and can easily spot if I’m not being clear or if I’m rambling.  After I had shown her three or four posts, she said to me, “Hannah, you’ve got to watch your final paragraphs.  They are a restatement of your first paragraph.  You’re actually writing a 5 paragraph essay and you don’t need a summary paragraph in a blog!” I just exploded into peals of laughter, and finally managed to get out, “Oh my god, I’ve been teaching the 5 paragraph essay for so long that I can’t seem to write in any other format???”  We seem to be teachers to the end.  And I took out the final paragraphs before I entered the posts on the site.

My husband was at the grocery store. Remember in my second post I explained that he is not a flower guy and I am a flower girl, and that I can count on one hand the number of times in over 30 years that he has given me flowers? Well, I got a call from him while he was at the grocery store and this was the conversation:

Him: “I can find purple roses, pink roses with a little bit of purple in them, and roses and other flowers together that are both purple.

Me: I sat down in a chair. I took a breath. And then I said, “You’re buying me flowers?”

Him: “Kleenex.  I’m buying you Kleenex.  You said you wanted the box with the purple roses on it.”

And then I just burst out laughing.

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