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Macro Monday


Hannah Keene 2019


Taken June 16, two days after the Full Buck Moon on June 14, 2019.


Hannah Keene 2019

Posted for CitySonnet’s Challenge July 22 colors and letters: Night

Still Sunday

Afternoon Tea


Hannah Keene 2019

*Photo taken at our wonderful neighborhood open air shop: Brothers and Sisters Flower Shop.

July Squares: The Blue From My Apartment

I did nothing to alter the color on this photo. To my surprise, my camera recorded it perfectly.


Hannah Keene 2019

Becky’s July Squares: Blue

Looking At Books From Every Angle


Neighborhood: Upper Rockridge, Oakland                          Hannah Keene 2019

Posted to RDP: Angle



Hannah Keene 2019

Posted to CitySonnet’s a photo a day: Shadow

Color Your World: Black (and a little bittersweet)


Hannah Keene 2019

Here is my contribution to Jennifer Tourmaline’s challenge Color Your World. This week her color is Black, but last week her color was Bittersweet. I didn’t find time to contribute last week, but Bittersweet is one of my favorite colors. So I found a photo that contained both. Enjoy!





Hannah Keene 2019

Posted for CitySonnet’s Challenge: a photo a day. July 19: Silhouette

Cosmic Photo Challenge: If You Could See Into the Heart of Me

This is posted to K’lee and Dales’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: If You Could See Into the Heart of Me.

I started with a color photo of a dark purple Poppy anemone, converted it to black and white and then started playing around with color, light, intensity, definition, etc. I’ve only recently learned how to manipulate things like the curves, saturation, etc., and I wanted to see just what I could accomplish with this photo. It was enormous fun.


Hannah Keene 2019

The original:




Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail

Or perhaps in this case, I should say Distorted Detail. This is an outrageously distorted detailed reflection from the same black BMW car I posted yesterday. You can clearly see the door handle front and (almost) center, and down in the lower left, you can see the seam of the back passenger door. But after that, the fun begins.

Above the door handle, you can’t even see the black of the car, as the curvature reflects the bright blue sky and the Norman styled church tower. Then below that, there’s green grass, and in the handle itself is a distorted me with red hair (that part is true to life) and my arms akimbo. Then there’s a quarter oval of blue sky again with perhaps a few white clouds reflected (the optics of curvatures working again). Then below another curve of the door there’s my hands, phone camera, my shirt and pants, and more green grass. And if you look in the lower right corner you will see a distorted sign, and the dogs – Teddy the labradoodle, and if you follow the line of the leash, just a peek of the face of my grey miniature schnauzer, Zoë.

This photo was just too fun to pass up, and it seemed to fit better into P. A. Moed’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Detail than anywhere else.